Honoring Professor Muhammad Musa Al-Obaid with an honorary doctorate degree in the field of public international law

The representative office of Smart Intel University in Turkey announced the awarding of an honorary doctorate in the field of public international law to Mr. Muhammed Musa Al-Obaid, during a public discussion of its university and which resulted in awarding him an honorary doctorate.
 Dr. Ahmed Sheikhi, the office official, said that this honor comes from his belief in creating an incentive towards giving and a drive to work, stressing that the honor will not be limited only to officials and those with scientific and educational competencies, but will extend its impact to those who have assumed responsibility in spreading science and knowledge in various fields and have proven their competence.
For his part, Dr. Daniela Samuel, the media advisor to the university, confirmed that I, Mr. Mohammed, contributed to raising the rates of performance and knowledge in his field of specialization, and proved his efficiency in more than one place, and that what is new in honoring the university is that it will not be limited only to honoring the leader of a body or body, but will extend to honor different People who prove their competence in disseminating knowledge and science, and people who have not completed their education, but who deserve the title of "honorary doctorate".
It is noteworthy that the university has chosen a number of officials and public figures to honor them, in addition to a number of businessmen who have clear charitable activities.