Smart Intl College announced the award of a Professional Doctorate in clinical psychology to Dr. Idriss Sajid

Smart Intl College announced the award of a Professional Doctorate in clinical psychology to Dr. Idriss Sajid, Morocco.

Dr. Idris Ekleniki Psychologist, Energy Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Expert in Self-Development and Family Counselling 

He is the founding president of "Mirai" Schools Group for Private School Education, and the founding member of the " IPDO" institutes for paramedical training.

Dr. Idriss is an important member of the International  Union of Academics, also affiliated with the Global union of Journalists. 


In addition to being the Ambassador of the Collar of Survival at the International Academy of Development Ambassadors in Britain, and Vice-President of the National Bureau of Amner Society in charge of communication


As for the previous positions he has received and held, Dr. Idriss is the founding former President of the Centre "Mediator" for Primary Education and Training.

The former President is also the founder of the Higher Center for Training and Consulting, and the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "New Center" for Vocational and Training.

Former President of the Association "Mirai" for Self-Development and Psychological Counselling and former Director of the National Educational Newspaper "Pupil". 

Former founding member of the Tekwandu and War Arts Association of the Tavilalt Shield League

he holds a Ph.D., Psychology, Psychology, Natural Behavioral Psychology, CBT Diploma for “Anxiety” Disorder, CBT Diploma for “Primary Depressive” Disorder, CBT Diploma for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Diploma for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” "Transformational and dissenting hysteria", all of which are diploma accredited by the Arab Institute of Mental Health in Cairo, in addition to the certificates of human resources director and quality manager approved by the Arab Union for Human Resources Development in partnership with the Union of Arab Investors and the Institute of African Research and Studies at Cairo University.


He also received several certificates of appreciation from several public and private educational institutions, inside and outside the country, the latest of which are the honorary "PhD" and "Professional" degrees in clinical psychopathology, human development sciences and self-development, which he obtained from the "Diana Intl College" .


He completed academic scientific research, published several articles in Arabic and French, translated philosophical and psychological texts from French into Arabic, attended many educational forums and framed several training courses in the fields of mental health, social accompaniment, self-development, family guidance and educational rehabilitation

Best wishes for further progress....and a career full of success


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